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The Hattian civilization (2500 – 1700 BC)
The Hattians did not use writing. We know them, from Akkad writen sources, the Assyrian chronicles and from the tablets of Hattusha.
The language, religion and culture of Hattians influenced the Hittites which followed them.
Their language was agglutinative and completely different from Indo European and Semitic languages. 
It is known, the Hatti language was used in the temples by the priests, untill 1200 BC, the collapse of the Big Hittite Empire.
Examples from the Hattian language:
Shapu (god), washapu (gods), katte (king), kattah (queen), binu (child), lebinu (children)
Some Hattian god names:
Tetešhapi, Terewatte,  Terhapati (ya), Tetepiri (an), İmar, Kahalwuzzil, Kaštuwarit (i),  Tahattemuit (i),  Taru,  Tašimmet (i),  Tuhulil, Waššizil,  Wurumkatte,  Zintuki, Eštan.
The Hattians were a people native Anatolians from at least the 3rd millenium BC onwards and they were matriarchals.

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